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Occupation -- Imaging and Photographic Technologist, Colorimetric Counsellor, Photographer, Pixel Therapist, Retoucher & Reconstructor, Rhinestone Cowgirl, Rock and Roll Debutante, Upper-Lower-Class Lady Of Leisure.

Loves -- travel, photography, beauty, music... lots of music, multi-culturalism, history, radio one, gourmandise, England, Ireland, New Mexico, rocking out, the underground, dive bars, djs, nooks and crannys, brand new inkjet cartridges, urban exploration, ethnic restaurants, lighthearted discussion, Sharpies, MAC cosmetics, ocean swimming, speeding in excess of 110mph in my Mitsubishi Eclipse down the 805 at 3:30 am with the stereo cranked to 11, living life to the fullest, and dancing.

Hates -- sourpusses, neurotics, pseudo-intellectualism, "opinonated" loudmouths, complainers, closed-mindedness, scaredy-cats, racists, homophobes, judgementality, ethnocentrism, people with too much to prove, people who wallow in depression and anxiety, hot and humid weather, sweating my makeup off, sweet potatoes, Chicken Louisiane, getting up early, milk, clowns.

Fails To Understand -- Scientologists, 80s nostalgia, people who don't like to travel or read, Tori Amos fans.

Obsessions -- photography, technology, kettlebell training, traveling, and um... David Bowie. :D

Bowie stencil banner created by: gogopussycat. Please credit if used.

The Good -- extroverted, gregarious, laughs often, educated, fun, likes to help, well mannered, slow to anger, logical, objective, listens, likes to share, dirty minded.

The Bad -- very extroverted, inappropriately gregarious, insipid and giggly, done spoilt by book-learnin', hedonistic, often isn't helpful, can appear snobbish, much too slow to anger, overly logical, fancies objectivism a sport, listens but doesn't much care, shares gossip, filthy minded.

The Ugly -- insensitive, a little vain, thinks chicken hearts are delicious, enjoys liquor, has a habit of dating ex-convicts, masochistic, likes to tickle-torture, wears too much makeup, likes to climb on stuff while intoxicated - the more dangerous the better, trips and falls a lot, has an unhealthy obsession with David Bowie, ALWAYS has a camera -- and always at the most inappropriate of times, feels that most traffic laws are only "general guidelines and/or suggestions" so as long as the cops could be watching, refuses to "keep it down" for the neighbors.

Barbarella friends only banner created by: gogopussycat. Please credit if used.Barbarella friends only banner created by: gogopussycat. Please credit if used.

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